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Explore our FAQs to learn more

  • How do I get a Select membership?
    To get a Select membership, all you have to do is download our app (Select UAE) from either the iOS AppStore or the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, you can create a profile right there on the app, and navigate to the Store section. In the store section, you get to choose whether you want a Premium or Standard membership, adjust the number of adults/kids, and make the purchase directly within the app.
  • How are payments made for my membership?
    Payments for memberships are done through our app, using a secure online payment gateway. We accept credit and debit card payments for all payments. If you are subscribing to a monthly plan, your monthly payment will be billed monthly from the day of sign up. If you are on an annual plan, then the entire annual fee will be taken at purchase.
  • Can I transfer my membership or passes?
    As all our plans are on an unlimited usage model, they cannot be transfered from one account to another.
  • Should I get a membership with multiple adults, or a separate membership each?"
    While we allow memberships to have multiple adults and children, we recommend each adult to get their membership separately on their own devices. A membership can only be used in one location and on one device, therefore if multiple adults are registered on one membership, they can only use it when checking in together at the same property. This feature is mostly benefitial for families with children.
  • Are children included for free in my membership?
    Each adult membership includes 1 child free of charge. If you need more children on your membership, you can adjust and pay a small additional fee per extra child, directly when purchasing the membership.
  • Do I need the internet to use the app, access the facilities and redeem discounts?"
    Yes, the app requires an internet connection. This is so it can show details of your digital card. The majority of the partners have free wifi that you can connect to, otherwise please speak to a member of staff to help you check in.
  • How do I check in to a property?
    Simply open the Select ID page on your app, click on your membership card, and present the QR code at the designated check-in desk. These are usually at the entrance to the health club or beach, and will typically have a Select logo to help you notice it.
  • Do I need to check out when leaving?
    Yes. We ask you to always check out when leaving a property (at the same check in location), in order to avoid a fee.
  • Do I need to check in at every venue in the property?
    No. You only need to check in once at any given hotel.
  • What benefits do I get as a member?
    Your Select membership gives you year-round free and unlimited access to the recreational facilities at five-star partner properties across the UAE. This includes access to the beach, pools, gyms and spas, as well as great discounts at F&B/dining outlets at these properties, as well as spa treatment discounts.
  • Can I book a spot in advance?
    As our members are considered external guests for the properties, booking in advance is not possible. However, with our never-full promise, you can rest assured as long as the hotel has capacity, we have no limit on how many Select members can be at the property simultaneously.
  • Are there any restrictions on how often I can use my membership?
    As a member, you are free to use your membership as often as you like across our partner pools, beaches and gyms. Some fitness classes may have restrictions, but this will be clearly detailed within the app.
  • How do I get my food and drink discounts?
    When asking for the bill for your order at any partner outlet (discover in the app), simply ask for the Select discount and display your membership number (found on your Select ID page of the app). The outlet team member will make a note of your membership number and apply your discount. Simple as that! PS. We recommend letting the staff know in advance that you are a Select member, so as to avoid any waiting toward the end of your meal.
  • Is valet parking complimentary?
    Valet parking is complimentary for Select members.
  • Are there any exclusion days?
    Generally, exclusion days for our members depend on our partner properties. These can be on public holidays, or days when the property is closed for a private function. We recommend calling ahead just to make sure.
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