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We are crowdfunding with Eureeca!

Dear friends,

I’m Narek, the Co-Founder and CEO of Select, and I take great joy in writing this post to announce our crowdfunding campaign on Eureeca!

Select is (as many of those who interacted with us know) a company that values community, relationships, and people. People are at the heart of our decision making in all aspects of our company, and when we decided to fundraise, we made no exception to this rule. For this reason, we decided that the most fitting way to seek investment is through our friends, families, customers, suppliers, and everyone who has heard of us, or is interested in what we do.

It is the people that give us purpose, both external and internal. The people that we have started our business for, the people that we try to democratize luxury for, the people that are with us on every step of our journey – those are the people that we want as our equity partners.

As such, we extend our hand to you, confident that you share our goals and vision for what Select can become. We have made the first step together and would love to work with our community towards our next steps.

We are currently on our 'expression of interest' stage - there is no financial commitment from you yet, but by signing up, we are able to send you information about the campaign and keep you up to date on the next steps.

To express your interest, you need to sign up through this link:

Thank you for all your help – your support means the world and is why we’re so passionate about growing Select. If you have any questions on any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please remember, investing has risks as well as rewards.

Thank you,

Narek Avayan

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